Insects coloured and outline pictures. Raskraska free for kids.

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Project RASKRASKA opened 11 December 2000 A.D. into the free hosting,
pilot project - May 2000 A.D.,
experimentally separate figures on the principle RASKRASKA began running in 1999.

Hand made author's drawings in page
- ink, pencil, isograph, erasers, paper density of more than 150 g/m² ,
scanning, digitization and colorization in a graphics editor.

Free project for children.

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Russian version here
Russian version
Author e-mail

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Insectum (latin name).
Click on small color image to view larger outline picture,
which you can print, coloring and examine.

land snail ants cross spider
Helix pomatia imago picta.
Land snail outline picture.
Formica rufa imago picta.
Ant outline picture.
Araneus diadematus imago picta.
Spider outline picture.
Migratory locust sugarbag bee ground beetle
Locusta migratoria imago picta.
Locust outline picture.
Apis mellifera imago picta.
Worker bee outline picture.
Carabus glabratus imago picta.
Carabus outline picture.
Odonata imago picta.
Dragonfly outline picture.

Insects pictures in the other sections of the Raskraska project.

beetles earthworm  
Beetles from a fairy tale. Earthworm outline picture.  


© Alexander Babushkin, design & pictures, from 1999 to the present time.

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