present: Portuguese outline and color letters.

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Project RASKRASKA opened 11 December 2000 A.D. into the free hosting,
pilot project - May 2000 A.D.,
experimentally separate figures on the principle RASKRASKA began running in 1999.

Hand made author's schedule ( pictures ) in page
- ink, pencil, isograph, erasers, paper density of more than 150 g/m² ,
scanning, digitization and colorization in a graphics editor.

Free project for kids.

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Color and outline Portuguese letters.

Total Portuguese alphabet has 26 letters.

Total Portuguese alphabet of 26 letters. Letters with diacritics that are not considered as independent letters: Áá, Ââ, Ãã, Àà, Çç, Éé, Êê, Íí, Óó, Ôô, Õõ, Úú.

Click on the small image with the letter
and to take a page with a large color letter
for print and study.

red portuguese letter A orange portuguese letter B yellow portugal letter C green portuguese letter D
sky blue portuguese letter E blue portuguese letter F violet portuguese letter G gray portuguese letter H
scarlet portugal letter I sienna portugal letter J portuguese letter K corn color grassy color portuguese letter L
light blue portuguese letter M sapphirine color portuguese letter N fuchsia color portuguese letter O dark indigo portuguese letter P
pear color portugal letter Q brick color portuguese letter R portuguese letter S scarlet color portuguese letter T golden color
portuguese letter U sea green color portuguese letter V orange-red color portuguese letter W royal blue color portugal letter X violet color
  portugal letter Y coral color portuguese letter Z dark red color  

Click on the small picture to view larger contour image,
which you can print, coloring and examine.

portuguese letter A outline picture portugal letter B outline picture portuguese letter C outline picture portuguese letter D outline picture
portuguese letter E contour picture portugal letter F outline picture portuguese letter G contour image portugal letter H contour picture
portuguese letter I outline picture portuguese letter J outline picture portugal letter K outline picture portuguese letter L outline picture
portuguese letter M outline picture portugal letter N outline picture portuguese letter O outline picture portuguese letter P outline picture
portuguese letter Q contour image portuguese letter R contour image portugal letter S contour picture portuguese letter T contour picture
portuguese letter U contour picture portugal letter V contour picture portuguese letter W outline picture portuguese letter X outlile image
  portuguese letter Y outlile image portuguese letter Z outlile image  

Click on the small Portuguese alphabet image
and take a page with a large color or contour Portugal alphabet picture
for print and study.

color portuguese alphabet for print contour portuguese alphabet for print and paint
Color Portuguese Alphabet for print. Contour Portugal Alphabet for print.

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