Signs with dogs in Vienna parks. Vienna, Austria.
Alexander Babushkin Internet-studio. Dogs section.

Pets walking is prohibited sign. Vienna, Austria.

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Signs with dogs in Vienna parks
Photos about dogs. Vienna, Austria. October 2012. X.MMXII A.D.
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Signs with dogs in Vienna parks.

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Signs with animals

- allow or disallow signs with animals symbols.
Prohibition sign with a stylized image of a dog in the park in Vienna, Austria.

From local legislation in Austria.
- quote

  Dogs in Vienna parks:
In public parks and other recreation areas, a dog owner must ensure that his dog is not in the sandbox for the kids or on the playground.

   Usually, the amount of an administrative fine of 21 euros, but the video can be much more. Dogs are used against the owner record of gross violations of the video camera, for example, when the owner leaves his dog run around the playground and dog frightens children.

- end of quote
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Arne-Karlsson-Park, Spitalgasse 1090 Wien, Österreich.

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